Every minute of every day, search engines like Google process millions upon millions of search queries for people just like you. Proper SEO helps put the right content in front of the people searching for it. But how does SEO affect my business? Let’s take a closer look.

Searches online happen everywhere. Some searches are on web browsers, even more are on mobile phones, and a growing number of searches are spoken into a device.

Ultimately, users just want an answer to their question, search topic, or shopping list. “Where is the nearest pharmacy?” “What’s the best way to get coffee stains out of cotton?” These are just two examples of what people are searching for every day. And with an ever-increasing internet, it’s more important than ever to have content that’s as accurate and meaningful.

Understanding how SEO affects my business

This is where SEO comes in, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. At its core, SEO helps describe and categorize online content so people who are searching for it can find it.

Sounds simple enough, right? We wish it were as simple as we are trying to describe here – and hopefully in the future, technology will give us a hand with SEO in a more meaningful way.

But until then, our businesses, our websites, our apps, and all the pieces of content in them need to be reviewed and edited so the right content can be found by the right people.

What parts of my website affect SEO?

Website architecture

There are four main parts of your website that affect the majority of what influences your visibility on a given Google search page. The first is your website architecture. How many pages deep on your site does a user need to go to reach the relevant information you may have there? And is your website easy to navigate from a search engine perspective? These are some of the basic considerations when optimizing your site for SEO.

HTML tags

The next part centers around HTML tags on your website. Does it have the proper internal links to posts and pages with meaningful connections? How many times do you have to click to reach a certain piece of content? These tags are part of the digital compass of your website, and the better connected it is, the higher it will rank.

Website content

The third part is focused on website content and the keywords and phrases used in it. This is the part of SEO that most people can understand. You need to have a core list of SEO keywords and phrases that you want to rank for on your site, and then implement quality content centered around those words and phrases. The idea is simple – but as with most things in life, proper implementation is the key to success.

Visual content

Finally, the fourth part is connected to your visual content. Are the images and videos on your site relevant to the content you have? Are you using quality alt text that includes keywords? Is your image file structure complementing the keywords you wish to rank for? All of these components (and many others) are the basis for quality business SEO.

So what should you do?

The answer begins with diving in and assessing your business, brand, and products or services online, and then taking steps to edit, curate, and manage the content in new ways. This can be done in a variety of ways.

One way could be to arrange the content on your website in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way. The target outcome is search engines like Google will surface your relevant content to those looking for it.

In addition, it’s important that your business website actually covers the topics of what you want to rank for. This is done with meaningful articles and pages. If your pool cleaning website doesn’t include quality content about top pool cleaning services, keywords, and phrases, it may not show up very high (or at all) in search results.

What have you done lately?

Another key part of having a good SEO strategy is delivering online content on a regular basis. Search engines like Google also want to know: how recently was your content was published or updated?

“What have you added lately?” That’s what search engines basically want to know. Older but relevant content will still show up in searches, but newer content that’s just as relevant will rise higher.

SEO strategy conclusions

There’s no doubt that the internet moves fast, and will move even faster tomorrow. So however you may run your business or website, we encourage everyone to take hold of good SEO principles and execute on them., Finding someone to do it for you is great as well, as long as it happens. Failing to keep up in this arena will decrease your chances to compete in the market.

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